Palm Springs has long been a treasured desert oasis, from its Old Hollywood glamour days to its modern reputation for being a ritzy escape from the city. With its mid-century modern buildings, art galleries, outdoor recreation, amazing dining, and annual cultural festivals, our city draws tourists throughout the year, each seeking their own slice of desert paradise.  It’s never been a more popular vacation destination, and plenty of homeowners are turning their properties into lucrative vacation home rentals when they’re not in use. If you’re not already a local or don’t know the real estate market in Palm Springs, it can be intimidating to know where to start. Luckily the expert realtor Kevin Kaiser can help you turn that glimmer of an idea into a bright reality! Read on to discover all of the fantastic reasons why you should buy vacation homes in Palm Springs California.

It’s Not a Vacation Home—It’s an Investment

Of course, your vacation home will be a place where you can go to get away from it all—but it’s also an investment, as it allows you to make passive income when you’re not using it yourself. In recent years, vacation rentals have been on the rise with the popularity of websites such as Airbnb and Vrbo, and most vacationers will consider a private rental before going with a standard hotel—especially in a luxurious destination like Palm Springs. With the success of the market, many have considered getting into it with their own vacation home rental—but if you’re not already in the business, it can be difficult to know how to go about it.

Trusted Experts Working with You

There are times it takes years to start turning a profit, but our expert services are designed to maximize your income and achieve long-lasting results that are consistent. Kevin Kaiser knows what makes a fantastic vacation property, so before you even purchase your home, Kevin knows what to help you look for. Licensed realtor Kevin Kaiser has years of experience building a business and a brand, with results that are designed to last. With his expert local market insight and vacation rental industry expertise, working alongside Kevin is easy and rewarding!

Own a Piece of Palm Springs

Chances are, you’re looking into buying a vacation home rental in Palm Springs because you have a special affinity for the city, whether it’s tracing the trail of the legendary Rat Pack or hitting up all the best mid-century modern buildings and local art galleries. Palm Springs has proven to be a timeless town, as people still flock to it today, whether it’s for cultural events or large music festivals such as Coachella. Investing in a vacation rental property here is a sound investment if you know how to properly manage and market your property, which for a beginner can understandably be difficult. From purchasing your home to property management, there’s lots of steps involved in making a lucrative rental property, but when you start with Kevin’s knowledge and know-how, you’ll be off to a successful start!

Turn Your Favorite Vacation Destination into a Business

Besides getting to visit your favorite vacation destination, you get to turn your new home into a business and make passive income when you’re away from the property. There are several things that make it easy to get started here in Palm Springs, but there can be complications as well, such as applying for the proper rental permits and getting a loan for a second home. Luckily Luxsy Property Management is well-versed in the process and can help you with those steps once you have purchased your dream vacation home! Once you have, it’s likely that in a few months you can be entering your first rental contracts, with profits going upward from there. Every home is different, but some Palm Springs vacation rentals can earn over $100K a year if they are booked consistently. If you love Palm Springs and have been looking for a vacation rental to make passive income, purchasing a vacation home here is a terrific fit for you!

Get Notified When It’s the Best Time to Buy

Buying real estate can always be difficult, but especially in today’s ever-changing market. It can be hard to decide when to buy, or to learn the ins and outs of local markets to be sure you’re timing things just right. Usually houses go to the market during the summer after the busy spring season, but there are always exceptions to the rule! We offer a convenient free service where we can notify you when there are new options available, getting you to your dream vacation home as quickly as you’d like, as soon as you spot the perfect one.

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