One of the biggest challenges as a homeowner renting out your own vacation home is how to make your property stand out in a sea of listings on the endless ocean of the internet. Too often, you might find your property isn’t getting any listings, which could be for any number of reasons—poor listing techniques, bad photography, or lack of that “It” factor that will make your property pop out to consumers in a world with too many options. At Luxsy Palm Springs, we have a team of professionals that can lend an expert hand, and make your property stand out—which increases your rental revenue! If you’ve been searching for a way to make your Palm Springs property stand out, these are a few ways to do so!

Change Your Listing’s Look with Professional Photography

Most people don’t want to splurge on a professional photographer, but it truly can make all the difference in your property’s booking volume. Quite often, potential vacation renters won’t give a property a second look if the first photo isn’t showing off the home’s best assets, in a welcoming, inviting way. Handling this all on your own can be quite a challenge to deal with and knowing what to pay for a photographer can be confusing—and you don’t want to spend money and have the photos turn out terrible, making the entire endeavor a waste of time. At Luxsy Palm Springs, we already have trusted photography connections, with results that you can see immediately! Our professional photographs for our homes have already been proven to increase our homes’ booking potential and make your property stand out.

Stage Your Home for a Welcoming and Luxurious Vibe

Many times, homes don’t get booked because they are a little too-homey—whether an updated look is required, or just a few tasteful accent pieces, staging can immensely help your property achieve a higher booking potential. Maybe it’s just a few shelf decorations to make a space pop, or a few items like a throw blanket and rug to help create a cohesive color palette. Either way, adding a slightly polished look to your home will help it get noticed more! In addition to professional photography, our team at Luxsy can help with staging your home to be listed, giving it a professional look that is guaranteed to make potential guests into guests, into returning guests!

List Your Palm Springs Property on Major Rental Websites

Your property can’t be rented if it’s not seen, and these days it’s a must to have your home listed on major rental websites! It’s wise to create listings on Airbnb, VRBO, FlipKey, etc., because it maximizes the number of times your property is seen by potential vacationers, vs trying to rent it out yourself. Or maybe you already have a listing on a major rental website but find you’re not getting the bookings your property deserves—either way, our team of professionals at Luxsy can help you list your property or improve your current listing to increase your returns!

Become Airbnb Superhosts

A significant way to make your property noticeable is to gain the accreditation of being an Airbnb Superhost! Superhosts have been recognized for their exceptional accommodations and service, and often potential guests will search for homes with the “Superhost” filter on, which means that your property won’t be seen unless you have that accreditation. Gaining this recognition can make all the difference in how often your home gets booked. Luckily, at Luxsy we are already Airbnb Superhosts, so when you join our business family your property will also receive that accreditation, meaning more bookings for your vacation home!

Advertise Perks and Amenities That Work for You

Lots of vacation renters will look for things like security features and secure rental contracts, giving them peace of mind as a renter—and the good news is that these things are great for your property too! Install a Ring Doorbell or drawn up clear cut rental contracts. These are attractive features to guests, and at Luxsy we can assist you with getting your vacation home rental ready! From aiding in installing security features, drawing up secure rental contracts, and so much more, it will really give your home that professional quality to make it stand out amongst the dozens of properties in the area. This all contributes to more bookings and protecting the property, both of which are a win for you!

Take Your Vacation Home to the Next Level with Luxsy Palm Springs Property Management

Making your vacation home stand out all on your own can be a difficult task, which is why it’s so helpful to partner with a trusted property management company such as ourselves. When you join us, you’re a valued business partner, and you’ll find your home’s returns increased!

There’s never been a better time than now to choose Luxsy for your property management in the Palm Springs area. If you’d like to set up a free financial analysis, fill out our form and we can provide you with a rental income projection today! If you need more information, give us a call or check out our Vrbo or Flipkey Property management services as well!