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Holiday Palm Springs Rental Management

Palm Springs calls to travelers searching for sunshine and a piece of old Hollywood glamour throughout the year—but the holidays remain some of the most popular times to visit, whether it’s for a sunny Christmas or a relaxing 4th of July spent lounging poolside. When people visit for the holidays, they tend to choose a vacation home rental for that home-away-from-home feel rather than the impersonal stiffness of a traditional hotel. With so many people traveling to Palm Springs for the holidays, the holiday vacation rental market is a lucrative business—and you can turn your Palm Springs property into a holiday vacation rental with our property management services here at Luxsy!

Explore Your Home’s Earning Potential as a Palm Springs Holiday Rental

Many people aren’t aware of their home’s potential as a holiday rental and will leave the home empty throughout the year when they’re not using it. Or they’ve tried to rent out their Palm Springs vacation home but found it too stressful to manage from afar. When you utilize our property management services at Luxsy, we take your home’s earning potential to new heights. We take care of all the difficult paperwork like renter contracts to ensure your property is protected, so you can enjoy your time elsewhere with peace of mind that your home is being well taken care of. Without the additional hassle of managing your vacation home all on your own, you’ll have more time to focus on your own life, while your home continues to make you passive income!

Exceptional Service and Remarkable Profits

We believe our homeowners are our partners, and as such a valuable part of our business. Together, we aim to make a lucrative holiday rental out of your Palm Springs property, so we both can enjoy the benefits of operating a successful Palm Springs holiday rental. A vital aspect of our business is that we only manage a small collection of vacation homes, allowing us individualized focus on making each property the best holiday rental it can be. This specialized attention to each home fosters meaningful relationships with our homeowners, as well as improving our methods as a property management company. Our goal for Palm Springs holiday rentals is around $100K, but past properties have brought in anywhere from $150K-$200K annually. We offer fantastic property management rates, giving you maximum profits from your Palm Springs holiday rental. We offer a free financial analysis form, which you can fill out so we can start calculating your home’s earning potential as a Palm Springs holiday rental!

Industry Experience for Maximum Palm Springs Holiday Rental Bookings

At Luxsy, we’ve been managing properties successfully for quite some time, and we enjoy special accreditations with popular rental websites, such as our Superhost status on Airbnb. Often potential holiday renters will only search for Superhost properties, as it means the host is experienced and highly rated. With this status on your listing, you could increase your bookings!  Our expertise across multiple holiday vacation rental websites allows your home to be seen as often as possible. In addition to that, our knowledgeable marketing team works to give your property a global reach and keep trusted guests returning year after year.

Your Home’s Plan for Success as a Holiday Rental

Starting out in the Palm Springs holiday rental market can be tough, whether you’re having trouble maximizing your bookings or making your listing look as professional as possible. Luckily, we have a team of experts in Palm Springs holiday rental management, and we can help with everything from professional photography services to adding security features to keep your property safe while you’re away. We can also craft a maintenance plan for your home, including things like pool maintenance, plumbing, and more—it’s all about creating the plan that works for your Palm Springs holiday rental!

Extra Perks for Our Holiday Rental Homeowners

When you choose Luxsy for your Palm Springs holiday rental management, you’ll enjoy additional benefits that are industry-breaking standards. First, we offer 24/7 support—so no more waiting over a long weekend when you have a question or concern about your property, because you’ll be able to easily reach us. Secondly, when you’re in town visiting and staying at your Palm Springs holiday rental, you’ll get to take advantage of our concierge services, which include highlights like prestocking the home with groceries, booking you services, and more. Whether you’re coming during the off season or for a holiday, you’ll get luxurious perks as one of our valued business partners!

Choose Luxsy for Your Palm Springs Holiday Rental Management Today!

If you’ve been considering renting out your Palm Springs home as a holiday rental, we can help get you started at Luxsy! Check out our free financial analysis form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP once you fill it out!


Calculate your monthly, yearly and 10 year ROI with our easy to use form. Fully customizable to your specific vacation home.

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