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If you’re looking for a high-quality property management in the Palm Springs area, you’ve found it in Luxsy Palm Springs! Perhaps you’ve been renting out your Palm Springs property as a vacation home and are looking for a better property management company that can increase your rental revenue, or maybe this is your first foray into looking for a home that you want to turn into a vacation rental when you’re away. Either way, Luxsy Palm Springs has you covered! Our high standards go beyond your typical property management company, and we can do everything from listing your home on major booking sites to setting up a professional maintenance program. When you choose Luxsy Palm Springs for your Palm Springs property management, you get our personalized services that go above and beyond to get you the most rental revenue possible!

Explore Your Home’s Full Potential

Too often, people try to rent out their homes themselves, and without professional assistance either end up not achieving the maximum returns they can get or suffering property damage that they’re responsible for because the rental contract wasn’t drawn up clearly. When you utilize the services of a professional property management company like Luxsy, you don’t have to worry about any of those issues, as we take care of all of it for you, including guest contracts. You’ll also get to take advantage of the fact that we do most of the hard work for you, allowing your property to be booked to its full potential, which increases your returns!

Maximum Returns and Personalized Service

When you partner with us to manage your property, we consider you a valued business partner, and strive to give you personalized service—it’s why we only manage around 20 homes at a time, so we can deliver the best for both our guests and homeowners. With a narrowed focus on a small group of boutique vacation rentals, we’re able to focus on each and every property individually, ensuring your home is living up to its earning potential. When you partner with us to manage your Palm Springs property, you can earn over $100K, and our goal is around $150-$200K! With a free financial analysis, you could be on your way to booking your home out in no time. We also offer a low property management fee, allowing you to easily turn your home into a profitable vacation rental!

Partner with Dedicated Airbnb Superhosts

Another terrific aspect of letting us manage your property is our established position in the rental industry, particularly with immensely popular sites like Airbnb and VRBO. We’re already verified Airbnb superhosts, and many people search for properties on Airbnb with the superhost filter on, meaning your property won’t be seen otherwise. Sites like these have already acknowledged our extraordinary service and high-quality accommodations, increasing the likelihood of your property being booked as often as possible. We also will help you with staging your home and professional photography, which always adds to the appeal of your vacation rental!

A Dedicated Plan for Success

At Luxsy, each of our properties has a plan for success, and they all touch upon the major steps mentioned, such as listing on major rental websites and taking professional photos. We’ll also assess your property’s security, and we can help with installing Ring Doorbell cameras and more. From there, we will do everything from formatting guest contracts to setting up a maintenance program. When you choose Luxsy as from the list of property management companies Palm Springs, you can have peace of mind that your home is in the care of industry experts!

Benefits of Listing with Luxsy

As a homeowner, you’ll enjoy a variety of support and perks when you list with us. The first and one of the most significant is our 24/7 support. Our team is on call for anything you might need, whether it’s a casual question or something of vital importance. Secondly, you’ll get professional marketing services for your home, which can make all the difference in achieving your maximum possible returns. We give your property a global reach and have a dedicated team of experts to handle our media and advertising. Another part of listing with us is that your home gets professional care, from maintenance to housekeeping to security setups. We have local contacts for everything from plumbing to pool services, and as part of the Luxsy family, your home will receive top of the line upkeep. Lastly, our concierge services for our guests cover everything from pre-stocking groceries to booking in-home spa services, and as a homeowner you get to access these services when you’re staying in your home!

Choose Luxsy for Your Palm Springs Property Management Today!

If you’re done looking for property management companies Palm Springs and interested in a partnership with Luxsy, we’re ready to take the first step in assessing your home’s earning potential. To set up a free financial analysis, fill out our contact form and we’ll give you a complimentary rental income projection today!


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