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So, you’re thinking about using a property management company for your Palm Springs vacation rental, but you’re wondering if the service is worth it. It’s natural to wonder if property management can make a difference, but we’re here to tell you that at Luxsy Palm Springs, we make all the difference! We’re industry professionals with decades of experience, and our goal is to help you maximize returns on your vacation home. From our dedicated marketing experts to our high standards for our vacation homes, we go above and beyond to make sure your vacation home meeting its earning potential. The benefits of partnering with a professional Palm Springs vacation rental management company like us at Luxsy is nearly limitless, and we’ve broken down some of them for you!

Reach Your Home’s Maximum Potential

Many homeowners struggle to rent out their property themselves, lacking a professional touch and connections so the listing sits unreserved. Or they have no way to ensure the property is being properly maintained after guest visits and incur costly repair bills, which further affects the home’s booking possibilities. Poorly drawn rental contracts can also affect the outcome of any property damage, leaving owners on the hook. When you partner with us at Luxsy, you don’t have to stress about any of these problems, because our team takes care of it all, from guest contracts to specialized maintenance plans. We handle the difficult side of renting out your home, so you can enjoy earning the most you can from your vacation property!

Dedicated Service for the Highest Returns

We consider our partners a valuable part of our business and go above and beyond to give you the highest level of service possible. At Luxsy, we only manage around 20 or so homes at a time, meaning your property won’t get lost in a huge group of rentals, and that we can it the attention it needs to maximize your returns. Our rental property management Palm Springs fee is very affordable, allowing you to save more while utilizing our professional services. Your Palms Spring property could potentially earn over $100K a year, but we strive to hit anywhere from $150K-$200K! We offer a free financial analysis, so you can see what your home’s potential earnings are right from the start. When you partner with us, we’re exactly that—partners with full transparency!

Professional Listings on Popular Websites

One of the ways we maximize your home’s bookings are by creating professional listings on well-known sites like Airbnb and VRBO. Many vacationers head to these corners of the internet when they’re looking to book a vacation rental, and a professional listing can make all the difference in ensuring your home is getting all the bookings it can. On Airbnb we enjoy superhost credentials, which celebrates the best in hospitality and gives us additional verification, which is something many potential vacation renters look for. We can also help install security devices like Noise Aware so you can rest assured your home is protected while you’re away, and to give renters peace of mind. When you have us do your listing, it also includes professional photography and staging to make your home stand out from the rest!

Around the Clock Palm Springs Vacation Rental Management Support

When you choose us as your property management company, you’ll find we’re available for anything you need, night or day. We understand that your vacation home is one of your most valuable assets and waiting to reach someone after the weekend or until the next morning isn’t acceptable. We go the extra mile to give you exceptional customer service, and we’re there for you whether it’s a quick question or a larger issue. We have concierge services available for our guests which adds to your property’s booking appeal, but you will also have access to them as a homeowner when you’re staying at your property!

Expert Marketing Services and Home Care

In addition to our professional listings on rental websites, we have a dedicated team of marketing and advertising experts to give your home the reach it deserves, from local bookings to guests from around the world. When it comes to home maintenance, we keep your home in top condition, from housekeeping to our local contacts that include everything from landscaping to heating and air conditioning specialists. Your home will receive the best care possible while under our property management services, allowing you to take advantage of having a vacation home that makes you extra income!

Partner with Luxsy for Your Property Management Needs Today

Whether you’re a vacation homeowner looking to make more revenue or looking for a property to turn into a rental, we offer you the tools it takes to make your home a profitable rental. With our years of industry experience and knowledge, we can take your vacation home to new heights with our rental property management Palm Springs. Check out our free financial analysis and learn about your home’s earning potential today!


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