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Looking for outstanding property management in the Palm Springs area? We’re here to tell you that you’ve found it in Luxsy Palm Springs! Maybe you’ve been renting out your vacation home on your own and you’re looking to increase your revenue stream, or perhaps you’re looking at buying your first vacation home with the added benefit of making it a rental while you’re out of town—either way, we can help! Our impeccable standards are the highest in town, and our talented team can do everything from setting up professional maintenance programs to marketing your home on major rental websites to increase your profits. When you choose us as your Palm Springs rental management company, you’ll get personalized service that goes the extra mile beyond your typical property management company!

Discover Your Home’s True Worth

Many times, homeowners rent out their vacation homes themselves—but without the know-how, they end up not renting their home out as often as they could or have to deal with nuisances like property damage that can turn into a real headache upon discovering the rental contract wasn’t drawn up properly, leaving homeowners on the hook for the damage. When you let our team handle it, we take care of all these things before they even become an issue, as we can draw up professional guest contracts, doing most of the difficult work for you. When we take care of these things, it allows your property to be booked to its fullest potential, increasing your earnings!

Maximum Profit and Specialized Service

We consider all of our homeowners valued business partners, which is something that makes us stand out from the crowd—in fact, it’s why we only manage around 20 or so properties at a time, which empowers us to deliver the best service possible, on a personalized level. As a boutique Palm Springs rental management company, our modest client list allows us to focus individually on each property, which is better for everyone—homeowners, renters, and the property itself! Several of our homeowners have earned over $100K in returns, and with our specialized focus on our properties, our ultimate goal is around $150K-$200K! We offer a free financial analysis, meaning you could be on the path to renting your home as soon as today. Our property management fee is one of the lowest around for our quality of services, meaning more profit for you!

Enjoy Our Status as Airbnb Superhosts

As an established Palm Springs management company, we already have several accreditations that add to our respected reputation, including our status as Airbnb Superhosts—and when you have us manage your property, your home will be listed under the Superhost filter, which gives potential renters peace of mind and makes your property more bookable. Plenty of vacationers only search for properties with this filter on, meaning that otherwise your property wouldn’t be seen at all! We also list our properties on VRBO—sites like these have already recognized our high-quality properties and excellent service, which increases the possibility of your home being booked. Our photographers can also stage and photograph your home, giving your listing a professional look!

Your Personal Plan for Success

All of our homes have a personalized plan for success and include steps such as professional photography and listing on multiple rental websites. We also go beyond that in ensuring your property’s security and can assist with installing Ring Doorbell cameras and other security features. With steps like setting up a professional maintenance program and arranging guest contracts, we set your property up to be well taken care of by industry experts!

The Best Palm Springs Rental Management Company to List With

When you become a part of our business team, you’ll gain access to a variety of perks and support, including our innovative 24/7 support, which is groundbreaking in the property management industry! We’re there to take your call day or night, from casual concerns to important emergencies. You’ll also enjoy professional marketing services for your property, giving your home a global reach that always serves to maximize your returns. Our team can handle everything from media to advertising. When you list with us, your home also receives professional care, from pool cleanings to general maintenance to security features. We use highly-rated local companies for our maintenance contracts, and you can rest easy knowing that your home is receiving the best of the best. As an additional perk, you can take advantage of our concierge services when you’re in town using your vacation home—we can pre-stock groceries, book in-home spa services, and more!

Take the Step to Choose Luxsy Today!

There’s never been a better time than now to choose Luxsy for your property management in the Palm Springs area. If you’d like to set up a free financial analysis, fill out our form and we can provide you with a rental income projection today! If you need more information, give us a call or check out our Vrbo or Flipkey Property management services as well!

One of the biggest challenges as a homeowner renting out your own vacation home is how to make your property stand out in a sea of listings on the endless ocean of the internet. Too often, you might find your property isn’t getting any listings, which could be for any number of reasons—poor listing techniques, bad photography, or lack of that “It” factor that will make your property pop out to consumers in a world with too many options. At Luxsy Palm Springs, we have a team of professionals that can lend an expert hand, and make your property stand out—which increases your rental revenue! If you’ve been searching for a way to make your Palm Springs property stand out, these are a few ways to do so!

Change Your Listing’s Look with Professional Photography

Most people don’t want to splurge on a professional photographer, but it truly can make all the difference in your property’s booking volume. Quite often, potential vacation renters won’t give a property a second look if the first photo isn’t showing off the home’s best assets, in a welcoming, inviting way. Handling this all on your own can be quite a challenge to deal with and knowing what to pay for a photographer can be confusing—and you don’t want to spend money and have the photos turn out terrible, making the entire endeavor a waste of time. At Luxsy Palm Springs, we already have trusted photography connections, with results that you can see immediately! Our professional photographs for our homes have already been proven to increase our homes’ booking potential and make your property stand out.

Stage Your Home for a Welcoming and Luxurious Vibe

Many times, homes don’t get booked because they are a little too-homey—whether an updated look is required, or just a few tasteful accent pieces, staging can immensely help your property achieve a higher booking potential. Maybe it’s just a few shelf decorations to make a space pop, or a few items like a throw blanket and rug to help create a cohesive color palette. Either way, adding a slightly polished look to your home will help it get noticed more! In addition to professional photography, our team at Luxsy can help with staging your home to be listed, giving it a professional look that is guaranteed to make potential guests into guests, into returning guests!

List Your Palm Springs Property on Major Rental Websites

Your property can’t be rented if it’s not seen, and these days it’s a must to have your home listed on major rental websites! It’s wise to create listings on Airbnb, VRBO, FlipKey, etc., because it maximizes the number of times your property is seen by potential vacationers, vs trying to rent it out yourself. Or maybe you already have a listing on a major rental website but find you’re not getting the bookings your property deserves—either way, our team of professionals at Luxsy can help you list your property or improve your current listing to increase your returns!

Become Airbnb Superhosts

A significant way to make your property noticeable is to gain the accreditation of being an Airbnb Superhost! Superhosts have been recognized for their exceptional accommodations and service, and often potential guests will search for homes with the “Superhost” filter on, which means that your property won’t be seen unless you have that accreditation. Gaining this recognition can make all the difference in how often your home gets booked. Luckily, at Luxsy we are already Airbnb Superhosts, so when you join our business family your property will also receive that accreditation, meaning more bookings for your vacation home!

Advertise Perks and Amenities That Work for You

Lots of vacation renters will look for things like security features and secure rental contracts, giving them peace of mind as a renter—and the good news is that these things are great for your property too! Install a Ring Doorbell or drawn up clear cut rental contracts. These are attractive features to guests, and at Luxsy we can assist you with getting your vacation home rental ready! From aiding in installing security features, drawing up secure rental contracts, and so much more, it will really give your home that professional quality to make it stand out amongst the dozens of properties in the area. This all contributes to more bookings and protecting the property, both of which are a win for you!

Take Your Vacation Home to the Next Level with Luxsy Palm Springs Property Management

Making your vacation home stand out all on your own can be a difficult task, which is why it’s so helpful to partner with a trusted property management company such as ourselves. When you join us, you’re a valued business partner, and you’ll find your home’s returns increased!

There’s never been a better time than now to choose Luxsy for your property management in the Palm Springs area. If you’d like to set up a free financial analysis, fill out our form and we can provide you with a rental income projection today! If you need more information, give us a call or check out our Vrbo or Flipkey Property management services as well!

So, you’re thinking about using a property management company for your Palm Springs vacation rental, but you’re wondering if the service is worth it. It’s natural to wonder if property management can make a difference, but we’re here to tell you that at Luxsy Palm Springs, we make all the difference! We’re industry professionals with decades of experience, and our goal is to help you maximize returns on your vacation home. From our dedicated marketing experts to our high standards for our vacation homes, we go above and beyond to make sure your vacation home meeting its earning potential. The benefits of partnering with a professional Palm Springs vacation rental management company like us at Luxsy is nearly limitless, and we’ve broken down some of them for you!

Reach Your Home’s Maximum Potential

Many homeowners struggle to rent out their property themselves, lacking a professional touch and connections so the listing sits unreserved. Or they have no way to ensure the property is being properly maintained after guest visits and incur costly repair bills, which further affects the home’s booking possibilities. Poorly drawn rental contracts can also affect the outcome of any property damage, leaving owners on the hook. When you partner with us at Luxsy, you don’t have to stress about any of these problems, because our team takes care of it all, from guest contracts to specialized maintenance plans. We handle the difficult side of renting out your home, so you can enjoy earning the most you can from your vacation property!

Dedicated Service for the Highest Returns

We consider our partners a valuable part of our business and go above and beyond to give you the highest level of service possible. At Luxsy, we only manage around 20 or so homes at a time, meaning your property won’t get lost in a huge group of rentals, and that we can it the attention it needs to maximize your returns. Our rental property management Palm Springs fee is very affordable, allowing you to save more while utilizing our professional services. Your Palms Spring property could potentially earn over $100K a year, but we strive to hit anywhere from $150K-$200K! We offer a free financial analysis, so you can see what your home’s potential earnings are right from the start. When you partner with us, we’re exactly that—partners with full transparency!

Professional Listings on Popular Websites

One of the ways we maximize your home’s bookings are by creating professional listings on well-known sites like Airbnb and VRBO. Many vacationers head to these corners of the internet when they’re looking to book a vacation rental, and a professional listing can make all the difference in ensuring your home is getting all the bookings it can. On Airbnb we enjoy superhost credentials, which celebrates the best in hospitality and gives us additional verification, which is something many potential vacation renters look for. We can also help install security devices like Noise Aware so you can rest assured your home is protected while you’re away, and to give renters peace of mind. When you have us do your listing, it also includes professional photography and staging to make your home stand out from the rest!

Around the Clock Palm Springs Vacation Rental Management Support

When you choose us as your property management company, you’ll find we’re available for anything you need, night or day. We understand that your vacation home is one of your most valuable assets and waiting to reach someone after the weekend or until the next morning isn’t acceptable. We go the extra mile to give you exceptional customer service, and we’re there for you whether it’s a quick question or a larger issue. We have concierge services available for our guests which adds to your property’s booking appeal, but you will also have access to them as a homeowner when you’re staying at your property!

Expert Marketing Services and Home Care

In addition to our professional listings on rental websites, we have a dedicated team of marketing and advertising experts to give your home the reach it deserves, from local bookings to guests from around the world. When it comes to home maintenance, we keep your home in top condition, from housekeeping to our local contacts that include everything from landscaping to heating and air conditioning specialists. Your home will receive the best care possible while under our property management services, allowing you to take advantage of having a vacation home that makes you extra income!

Partner with Luxsy for Your Property Management Needs Today

Whether you’re a vacation homeowner looking to make more revenue or looking for a property to turn into a rental, we offer you the tools it takes to make your home a profitable rental. With our years of industry experience and knowledge, we can take your vacation home to new heights with our rental property management Palm Springs. Check out our free financial analysis and learn about your home’s earning potential today!

If you’re looking for a high-quality property management in the Palm Springs area, you’ve found it in Luxsy Palm Springs! Perhaps you’ve been renting out your Palm Springs property as a vacation home and are looking for a better property management company that can increase your rental revenue, or maybe this is your first foray into looking for a home that you want to turn into a vacation rental when you’re away. Either way, Luxsy Palm Springs has you covered! Our high standards go beyond your typical property management company, and we can do everything from listing your home on major booking sites to setting up a professional maintenance program. When you choose Luxsy Palm Springs for your Palm Springs property management, you get our personalized services that go above and beyond to get you the most rental revenue possible!

Explore Your Home’s Full Potential

Too often, people try to rent out their homes themselves, and without professional assistance either end up not achieving the maximum returns they can get or suffering property damage that they’re responsible for because the rental contract wasn’t drawn up clearly. When you utilize the services of a professional property management company like Luxsy, you don’t have to worry about any of those issues, as we take care of all of it for you, including guest contracts. You’ll also get to take advantage of the fact that we do most of the hard work for you, allowing your property to be booked to its full potential, which increases your returns!

Maximum Returns and Personalized Service

When you partner with us to manage your property, we consider you a valued business partner, and strive to give you personalized service—it’s why we only manage around 20 homes at a time, so we can deliver the best for both our guests and homeowners. With a narrowed focus on a small group of boutique vacation rentals, we’re able to focus on each and every property individually, ensuring your home is living up to its earning potential. When you partner with us to manage your Palm Springs property, you can earn over $100K, and our goal is around $150-$200K! With a free financial analysis, you could be on your way to booking your home out in no time. We also offer a low property management fee, allowing you to easily turn your home into a profitable vacation rental!

Partner with Dedicated Airbnb Superhosts

Another terrific aspect of letting us manage your property is our established position in the rental industry, particularly with immensely popular sites like Airbnb and VRBO. We’re already verified Airbnb superhosts, and many people search for properties on Airbnb with the superhost filter on, meaning your property won’t be seen otherwise. Sites like these have already acknowledged our extraordinary service and high-quality accommodations, increasing the likelihood of your property being booked as often as possible. We also will help you with staging your home and professional photography, which always adds to the appeal of your vacation rental!

A Dedicated Plan for Success

At Luxsy, each of our properties has a plan for success, and they all touch upon the major steps mentioned, such as listing on major rental websites and taking professional photos. We’ll also assess your property’s security, and we can help with installing Ring Doorbell cameras and more. From there, we will do everything from formatting guest contracts to setting up a maintenance program. When you choose Luxsy as from the list of property management companies Palm Springs, you can have peace of mind that your home is in the care of industry experts!

Benefits of Listing with Luxsy

As a homeowner, you’ll enjoy a variety of support and perks when you list with us. The first and one of the most significant is our 24/7 support. Our team is on call for anything you might need, whether it’s a casual question or something of vital importance. Secondly, you’ll get professional marketing services for your home, which can make all the difference in achieving your maximum possible returns. We give your property a global reach and have a dedicated team of experts to handle our media and advertising. Another part of listing with us is that your home gets professional care, from maintenance to housekeeping to security setups. We have local contacts for everything from plumbing to pool services, and as part of the Luxsy family, your home will receive top of the line upkeep. Lastly, our concierge services for our guests cover everything from pre-stocking groceries to booking in-home spa services, and as a homeowner you get to access these services when you’re staying in your home!

Choose Luxsy for Your Palm Springs Property Management Today!

If you’re done looking for property management companies Palm Springs and interested in a partnership with Luxsy, we’re ready to take the first step in assessing your home’s earning potential. To set up a free financial analysis, fill out our contact form and we’ll give you a complimentary rental income projection today!


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